Pradu Kannan

Pradu Kannan is a GN&C Engineer living in Arizona, USA. His hobby as a chess programmer was inspired by GameDev's chess programming article in 2004. He subsequently went on to write three chess engines: 0x88 Witz, rotated bitboard Witz, magic bitboard Buzz, and finally Dirty. Pradu is the developer of the core engine structures and the search algorithm.

Fonzy Bluemers

Fonzy Bluemers is a dutch programmer and computer chess fan. He likes King Crimson and fixing broken code. Dirty project was born after a chat at his Dirty Dozen broadcast. "Lousy" was a registered name so he gently granted "Dirty" brand to the new creature. He's working now actively in the core engine structures and the search algorithm.

Andres Valverde

Andres Valverde is an Agricultural Engineer living in Almería, Spain. Being an intermediate chess player, he developed (ECTool and XECTool) for correspondence chess. He was then encouraged by Olivier Deville (ChessWar) in 2005 to write his own chess engine, EveAnn. He is the developer of the evaluation function in the Dirty project.